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The Challenge
The decision to return to school as an adult is one of the most important and difficult decisions an individual can make. The thought of committing years of one’s life, along with tens of thousands of dollars is very challenging for most, and often paralyzes the decision-making process.

The Test Drive College Experience
Test Drive College aims to bring awareness to the potential of online education while also exposing the risks inherent in this modality. The program was designed specifically to help those students who are seriously considering earning an associate’s or bachelor’s degree online. It is our goal to create a real life college experience that closely replicates what an individual might experience in an online degree program. This way, the student can truly figure out if online education is right for them. Students that partake in the TDC program do so, free of any obligation or cost.

What is Test Drive College
Test Drive College (TDC) an extraordinary opportunity that brings insight and intelligence into the education decision process. Developed by Education Connection, it offers benefits to both online colleges and individuals seeking to earn online degrees.

For online colleges, it is an admission vetting process to identify students that can be successful in pursuing an online degree. TDC does this through answering two important questions: can the student handle freshman level academics, primarily math and English; and is the student suited for online education?

For potential students, it offers them a way to find out if they are suited for online education while at the same time disproving any negative perceptions they may have about online learning.

Based on our research, the TDC process is the best way to identify which students have the highest probability of success in online education. Our definition of success is graduating from an accredited degree program.